Hubert C. Lovein, Jr. (“Hu”)

Hubert C. Lovein, Jr. (“Hu”) was born and raised in Macon and spent his entire law career there with the firm of Jones Cork.  He retired in 2014 after over 40 years of practice.  He has served as a mediator both before and after his retirement. Although Hu has the honorary title of “partner emeritus” with Jones Cork, he no longer actively practices law. He now focuses on mediation.


Hu has been mediating private and court-ordered cases for nearly 20 years. In 2005, after completing the Henning course, he received his certification as a registered neutral from the Judicial Council of Georgia. Thereafter, he became affiliated with a respected ADR firm. Hu recently joined Lakeside Mediation after being impressed with Lakeside’s philosophy and approach to dispute resolution.


Hu has over four decades of litigation practice encompassing the full spectrum of civil cases from collection and creditor bankruptcy work to workers’ compensation and medical malpractice defense.  Over time, he developed a special interest in business advice and litigation as well as probate and trust litigation.  While happy to mediate any case in which he and the parties feel he can be helpful, Hu disclaims any expertise in family law or in personal injury cases.  He especially enjoys resolving disputes involving Wills and Trusts (including validity, interpretation and the actions of the fiduciary) and business disputes (including claims by, against or between businesses and also internal business disputes, such as the formation, operation, governance and split-up of business and professional organizations, as well as non-compete litigation and other employee disputes). Hu looks forward to facilitating settlements for Lakeside’s clients in each of these areas of the law. (Hu's resume is available upon request.)


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