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Injury and Death Cases

"Our son was killed as a result of a collision between two tractor trailer trucks. Mr. King went above and beyond not only to handle the case in an efficient and professional way but also to show us compassion during the most difficult time of our lives. Prior to his death, my son always said that he wanted to make enough money in the trucking business so his father, who was also a truck driver, could get off the road. As a result of the structured settlement  that Mr. King advised us to set up, my husband was in fact able to stop driving a truck and to spend time at home with our family. I would highly recommend Mr. King to anyone who has an injury or death case."    Mrs. M B

Real Estate

"My siblings and I were unable to agree on a division of our family's timberland and farm after our mother passed away. Mr. King did more than just repesent me. He came up with an innovative plan that ended up resolving the matter to everyone's benefit, not just mine. It worked perfectly. I have the peace of mind that comes with closure and knowing all of us were treated with dignity and fairness. I highly recommend Bert King in the areas  of real estate and estates."   Mrs. J B

Wills and Estates 

"I lost my older son and hired another attorney to handle his Estate. My son had a business partner and an ex-wife who proceeded to make my life miserable. It also seemed that nothing ever got finished regarding my older son's Estate which only increased my emotional stress. Then my younger son died unexpectedly. I knew I had to  change attorneys to help me settle both estates. One of Mr. King's former clients suggested I retain Bert. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Mr. King settled both of my sons' Estates in a professional and timely manner. He represented me in more than one court appearance and got great results for me. But beyond his legal expertise, what I will always remember is his kind attitude towards me."   Mrs. P M

What Attorneys say about Lakeside Mediaion:

“Bert King has mediated several cases for our firm with excellent results.  In a couple of these cases, we absolutely had zero expectations that the cases would settle.  Liability was contested and the parties were just so far apart.  I attribute settlement in these cases to Bert’s perseverance and patience.  He does a great job of earning the trust and confidence of the parties that he is truly neutral in the matter with the sole objective being to obtain a settlement that is fair to all sides.”    Plaintiff's Attorney

"Bert did a great job mediating a case the parties had been trying to resolve for almost a year. Bert was tenacious in keeping all the parties talking and we were finally able to reach an agreement. Thanks for your help."   Insurance Defense Attorney

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